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Sophie McMillan 

What do you do at Stan Sherlock Associates?

I have a dual role at SSA. I am a general insurance specialist and protection adviser, and also the supervisor of the Yorkshire Building Society Agency which we run from our offices at Stan Sherlock Associates.

Why did you become a General Insurance Specialist & Protection adviser?

To help people! I think the most important things in life are your health, family and home. Just a few years ago Storm Desmond hit Cumbria causing homes to flood in Carlisle and the further afield around the county, this was devastating for many families as they had lost their possessions and ultimately their homes. I had friends living in hotels spending 100's of pounds just to keep a roof over their head. That's when I discovered my passion within the business.  I wanted to progress and what better way then helping people protect themselves and their family. I cannot wait to see where my new job role takes me next within SSA!

What has surprised you the most about working in Financial Services?

How personal the job is, especially now that I am a Protection Adviser, I really get to know my clients on a personal level and build relationships with them, as I do this I feel I have more than just a duty of care in a professional sense, it's a personal responsibility and I want to do right by them.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Positive, Outgoing & Passionate

Would your family use the same three words?

When I asked my boyfriend he said he agreed but they wouldn't be the words he would have chosen he said I was – Stubborn, Caring, Clumsy (I fall over my own feet all the time)! I only agree with the last two!

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs — such as food and water — were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

I know we have food but more specifically cheese. I am obsessed with cheese… and flint so I could light a fire, make smoke signals and get off the island!

If you could choose any super power what would you choose and why?

The power to control time/time travel. I think most would agree we don't have enough time and life is far too short! Family is the most important thing in my life, I would love to go back in time to see family members that are not with us anymore!

How can you help me?

I can help you protect yourself and your family, I have a little saying in insurance that 'everything's the same until you claim'.  This means anyone can insure themselves but if it isn't the right insurance for you the outcome could be very different! Everyone is unique and the same goes for their needs.  I am here to help tailor your insurance to you as an individual, so you have piece of mind that your best interests are well looked after.  Some people assume insurance is a waste of money or expensive, but a lot of the time it can cost no more then a takeaway a month! I can also review existing insurance that you have to make sure it's right for your needs as part of our service.

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Sunday, 17 January 2021

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